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You Can't Mute The Ocean 🌊

Have you ever been to the beach and thought...

"That's a beautiful view, but I wish I could just mute the ocean"

No - because that would detract from the experience wouldn't it?

This is how I feel about breed traits.

You cannot mute the ocean. You cannot and should not take the breed traits out of the dog you have. You need to channel them.

Bull breeds need to bite and tug. Collies need to herd. Mastiffs need to guard. We need to celebrate the traits of the dog in your life, and that includes finding appropriate outlets to channel natural, intrinsic desires and behaviour. There is a difference between behaviour that is a problem and behaviour that is abnormal. Don't get me wrong, I understand that this natural behaviour is not always ideal! A Bull Breed jumping up and grabbing when excited. 🐾 A German Shepherd barking at guests when they come into the home. 🔥 A collie chasing traffic. 🚗 A Tibetan Mastiff barking at night and waking the neighbours. 📢 But, there are solutions 🙌 I am the Queen of troubleshooting and problem solving taking your dog's needs AND your needs into account. Send me a message, I'm always here to help you! 🧡

Bethany Grace x

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