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Behaviour and Training

"A step backwards, after making a wrong turn, is a step in the right direction."


Training Programme

"To begin, begin." - William Wordsworth

Setting you and your dog up to succeed!


This programme focuses on setting you and your dog up to succeed.

Does you dog jump up?

Pull on the lead?

Would you like them to stop begging at dinner time?

Does recall seem like a far away dream?

I can help! Helping you and your dog build the skills to train a solid set of behaviours based on a wonderful relationship! 

I use kind and ethical methods with no fear or intimidation.

Trello Action Plan included! Weekly check ins and a month of support

Behaviour Programme

"Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement and success have no meaning." - Benjamin Franklin.

Having worked with dogs for over 10 years now I have tried and tested lots of different methods of consulting. It seems obvious, but in order to create real, lasting change and get the best results for my clients and their dogs ongoing support is the key.

This is a bespoke service created to help boost progress for you and your dog. It is generally a hybrid mix of online and in person sessions to get the best results, from the foundations up! 

This programme focuses on supporting you and your dog through behaviour issues, from 'reactivity' to aggressive behaviour and everything in between. 

After you have completed the initial Behaviour Programme, we can then move on to a maintenance programme which will be discussed between us to create the best plan for you and your dog moving forward.

Trello Action Plan included!

Weekly check ins and a month of support


Puppy Programme

"Expect Problems and eat them for breakfast" - Alfred A. Montapert.


Training the dog of your dreams!

It is most beneficial to have regular sessions, whilst basic training will be covered, these sessions are bespoke to the needs of you and your pup.


The aim is to ensure you and your pup are relaxed and comfortable and to provide you with techniques that will help your pup grow in to a well balanced and sociable dog with lots of real-life skills.

Trello Action Plan included! Weekly check ins and a month of support

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