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Bethany is the creator and founder of Bonny Dog Behaviour. She is the team behaviourist, dealing with everything from aggression to anxiety and everything in between.


Bethany is qualified and accredited and has over a decade of experience working with dogs with behaviour issues. If you want to banish those unwanted behaviours such as lunging and barking at other dogs, unrest within multi dog households, or a particular dislike of strangers - then get in touch! Her reviews speak for themselves!

Bethany is also a legal expert witness in dangerous dog cases.


Bethany is based in Dorset and Covers Dorset, Hampshire, Surrey, South West London and surrounding areas.


Don't forget to check out her reviews and testimonials!

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Libbi is a qualified dog trainer and works for Bonny Dog Behaviour dealing with all your doggy training needs! Covering everything from preparing to welcome a new puppy into your family, through to the fundamentals of training, to troubleshooting any training struggles you might be encountering, Libbi offers both one off consultations and standardised or bespoke training packages.


Libbi qualified as a Pro Dog Trainer and Behaviourist with Dr Tom Mitchell, a world-renowned veterinarian, trainer and behaviourist, and Lauren Langman, a highly experienced dog trainer, author and world level competitor in agility. She has also studied with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) and is currently undertaking continuing professional development programmes in dog-dog reactivity and aggression, vet handling techniques, and separation anxiety, to name but a few!


Libbi is based in south west London and covers all surrounding areas including Surrey. Upon request she can travel to Dorset, where Bethany is based, and the surrounding areas. She is owned by a young Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Arlo, and a senior Chihuahua, Barnaby!

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Christi is a trained Social Media Manager and helps keep Bonny Dog Behaviour proactive on socials by making sure you meet all the doggy clients and stay updated with their progress!


Christi hails from Scotland but is now based in Essex, where she has worked for the NHS as a community officer/social media manager for 8 years before switching to freelance two years ago.


Christi is the go to gal for any partnerships with Bonny Dog Behaviour including sponsorship, social media content, branding and competitions. We have recently ran successful competitions with Company of Animals for Baskerville muzzles as well as other companies.

Christi is also the lovely lady who is likely the lady to give you a call when you fill out the contact form. What would we do without her?!

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