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To my Darling Dog

I'm sorry for my anger that

comes out when you chase the cat.

I realise it is in fact that I

left the gate open, which wasn't wise.

Please forgive my frustration when

you've piddled on the floor AGAIN

5 minutes after you and I

spent half an hour in the rain outside.

I realise you're only small,

and potentially I dropped the ball.

I didn't see you sniffing about

in time for me to take you out.

Please forgive me, I am learning too

about everything I have to do

to be a perfect puppy owner

and trying to find out every answer.

My darling dog, sometimes it's hard

I know your behaviour isn't "bad"

We just need to train hard and try

To work together and we'll find -

With boundaries, routines and hard work

and sometimes help from an expert!

With reward and fun we'll turn this around

With strong foundations as our ground.

Send me a message, now.

I can't wait to hear from you. 🧡

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