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Reacting Is not overreacting!



1. something done, felt or thought in response to a situation or event.

When we talk about dogs being reactive, sometimes this can be considered a label or something negative.

However, a reaction is simply a response to a situation or event.

A "Reactive" dog is responding, not overreacting. They feel like the response is exactly what is needed to get the desired outcome - whether that is increased distance or proximity, movement, resources, fulfilling innate drives....

And while it may not make a whole lot of sense to us, it is not an overreaction.

What I do when helping my lovely clients and their dogs, is teach the dog that they don't need to react in the way that they are to get what they need.

If the dog needs space, I listen to their language before they get to the point of shouting.

If they are frustrated and want to play, we create set ups where they are able to engage in appropriate play.

We put plans in place to allow dogs to exhibit natural behaviour.

If your dog is reacting in a way that is difficult to walk or live with, pleeeease let me help you and your dog 🥰.

Send me a message and we can get chatting 😘.

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