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New Beginnings

For this blog I wanted to pose some questions to get you thinking about what it is you really want and help you to get there.

Begin by writing out a list of around 3 things that you would like to do with your dog this year (don’t worry if you have more or less than 3. This is your personal journey).

These things could be anything, some examples may be:

· Provide more enrichment.

· Walk in new places.

· Gain the next level in my dog’s training class.

· Really get working on my dog’s reactivity.

· Try a new hobby or class with your dog.

Leave some space between them when you write them. Like this:

Provide More Enrichment.

Walk in new places.

Get working on my dog’s reactivity.

Then write down 5 steps for each of these BIG goals that could turn them into smaller, more achievable targets. Like this:

Walk in new places:

1. Join a local Facebook walking group.

2. Find some dog friendly locations.

3. Plan a new route.

4. Set a date in my diary to take my dog to a new place.

5. Ask my friend to meet me there for some extra fun and accountability.

When you break down a BIG goal, into more small targets (and particularly when you write them down) they become so much more realistic and achievable.

If you feel like working with a Behaviourist may be a helpful step working towards your BIG goals, or you are just unsure where to start, then send me a message.

I have a space waiting for you and there are so many ways to work with me that are suitable wherever you’re based and whatever the issue.

You are always welcome to get in touch to share your targets and create some accountability. I always love hearing about people’s goals with their canine companions.

If you’d like to see some of my top tips, then you can sign up for my Newsletter!

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